Weekly Favorites

Hello all! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Since it was Thanksgiving last week, I think there may be a theme to this week’s favorite things…

1. Pumpkin Shortbread cookies



I love shortbread… a lot. And I decided to try making pumpkin shortbread for my family at Thanksgiving. They were SO good! I didn’t make enough though… no leftovers.

2. The Employees



I saw this band on Wednesday for their “Black Friday” show at a local brewery. They are a must-see band! Alternative/Psychedelic Rock where every member of the band brings something unique and extraordinary to the music and the show.

3. Wits and Wagers



This game seriously rocks. It’s not super mind-boggling, but it still requires strategy and is challenging. Almost everyone can play it, and plus my brother-in-law designed it! I could play for hours… and I do (if I can find people who will also play for hours).

4. My mom’s shells



Sorry, there’s no links to recipes with this one. My mother has made it for Thanksgiving every year since I can remember and every year my love for them grows. So. Delicious. Thanks, Mom.

And…. sorry for the repeat, but

5. Fleece-lined leggings



I finally got myself a pair and they are… more comfortable and wonderful than I imagined. They are truly one of my favorites for the week, perhaps the year. I want 10 more pairs… Too bad I’m poor.

Have a great week!

One thought on “Weekly Favorites

  1. Oh myyyyy I love them all also! Thank you Mary! Your pumpkin cookies (and the pumpkin pie you made) were the best!!! I hope you will be making them next Thanksgiving too!

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