Weekly Favorites

Usually it feels like the week flies by between Tuesday’s favorites, but this week, it did NOT fly by. In fact, it was quite long.

Despite the longness of the week, I still have some favorites to share with ya- I wouldn’t let you down.

In honor of the approaching tundra-like conditions…

1. Fleece-lined leggings


I don’t actually have a pair of these, but I do have a pair that should be arriving at my house any day now.

Whoever invented these is a genius.

If you’re wondering why a woman would want a pair of leggings with fleece on the inside, you’ve obviously never had to work in a professional environment in the dead of winter in the Chicagoland area. Done.

2. Coffee


I love coffee.

This past week I’ve had to stay away from it due to some health concerns, and oh-my-goodness was it hard. I had massive headaches, I was extremely fatigued, and I just wanted some delicious coffee in my mouth.

The storm has passed now, and I am back on the coffee-train. So, it earned a spot in my favorites for this week. Even though it makes my stomach want to implode sometimes.

Speaking of stomach imploding…

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

choc chip

Mmmmmm so warm and gooey.

I made like 3 dozen chocolate cookies last week, and I gave away a lot of them to my friends I ate too many of them. But it was awesome.

A classic dessert that never disappoints.

4. Say Anything


Yes, I’m 26 years old and had never seen¬†Say Anything¬†before this weekend. This scene has been used over and over again and parodied a thousand times, so I decided I had to watch it.

And I’m so glad I did! I needed a good, sappy, quirky love story for my Saturday evening.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it tonight. No excuses.

And finally, to end on a weird note:

5. Bigfoot

bigfoot crossing

That is a real sign, in the Pike National Forest! And, yes, I’ve seen it.

You’re probably wondering why Bigfoot made my weekly favorites- but you’re only wondering that if you don’t visit my blog regularly… and in that case, shame on you.

I believe that I had a Bigfoot encounter once while camping in Texas, and that led me down this path of Bigfoot research, Bigfoot culture, humorous Bigfoot, Bigfoot art, etc.

This week was a big week for my love of Bigfoot- my encounter story is now the top-viewed story on WordTransfuser- so he made my favorites for this week.

Have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving!

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