Weekly Favorites

Hello hellah helooo!

Well, October is over. Thankfully- now I can stop the scary movie marathon that has been tormenting my dreams.

Welcome, November.

November’s a good month; my birthday is in November, Thanksgiving is in November, and it’s still relatively “warm” (aka not freezing and snowing and slushy and miserable).

Here are my fav’s this week:

1. New and unusual meats


Say what? Yeah, this weekend I tried alligator ribs for the first time. It was disgusting… but it still made my favorites because I’m glad I tried it! I also ate lamb belly (delicious), lamb sausage (mmm), and duck! The restaurant I was at also had camel and bison hearts. We didn’t try those, although I would have.

2. Peppermint tea


Ok, I’ll admit, peppermint tea is not just my favorite thing in the past week. It’s been a favorite for years now. Probably my absolute favorite thing about cold weather is drinking peppermint tea while reading or relaxing.

It’s so delicious with a little honey and it’s very good for you too!

3. Colossal

Colossal logo1

Colossal is a website all about art and it’s AWESOME. I check often because it inspires me to create, and to create awesome things.

Here is just one example of the amazing art that Colossal features:

Morgan Herrin sculpts classical figures using wood!



4. The Knife

(The musical group)


I’ve loved The Knife for a long time, but have been listening to them again recently. It is a Swedish music collaboration of Karin Dreijer Andersson and her brother, Olof Dreijer.

They make weird music and present themselves in unusually artistic ways. They also have interesting beliefs about the music industry and life itself. Their interviews are fun and interesting to watch.

Honestly, this week was sort of uneventful. You only get 4 favorites today.

Ta Ta.


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