Weekly Favorites

Greetings from the last week of October! Halloween is approaching, and November is practically here.

But, since it is still October…

1. Scary movies; in particular Halloween (the original) and Cujo.


I mean, seriously, this movie is damn scary. What’s so cool about this movie is that it was one of the first horror movies that featured a woman fighting back. Plus the music is beyond awesome.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that after I watched Halloween, I went home and couldn’t sleep because every little noise in my apartment scared the crap out of me. Not kidding. And I even looked out the window a couple of times and my brain automatically imagined Michael Myers standing on the street looking at me. I’m kinda glad October is almost over so I can stop watching so many scary movies.

And holy crap, Cujo is an AWESOME movie! I forgot how scary and intense that movie is.


Um, yeah, a giant, rabid dog attacking you and your son in an old crappy car that won’t start? Real-life scary.

Another fall-themed favorite;

2. Pumpkin soup


Ehrmahgerd it’s so good. I got some soup at the restaurant in my work building and then this weekend my sister made some (courtesy of my mother) that was out of this world!

I can’t get enough of it. I’m craving it… help me!

Moving on from fall-themed favorites…

3. Wilfred


I honestly hesitated to put this show in my favorites, because, well, I still can’t decide if I really like it. I mean, I like it, but do I think it’s an awesome show that I would recommend to everyone? I don’t know.

Nevertheless, I’ve been watching it non-stop and laughing my butt off (on certain jokes, but not others).

If you don’t know the series, it’s about a young man (Elijah Wood) whose best friend is a dog- but the dog is more of a man-dog-thing that talks to him and helps him sort out his personal issues.

It’s definitely weird, and funny.

4. Apple computers


My friends, I have been brutally reminded of how much I love Macs lately because I started a new job where we have to work on PC’s. Old PC’s that run on Windows XP…

It’s like a little bit of my soul dies every time I have to try and work quickly and efficiently on a PC. I have to re-wire my brain how to do things the hard way. Womp womp womp…

Sorry, Windows fans.

And, finally, as you all probably know:

5. Rush


Duhhhhhhh. I did a giant post the other day about how awesome Rush is and why you should also love them. For a detailed report, go there.

And, that concludes this week’s weekly favorites.

Sorry about missing last week, I know many of you were probably having a panic attack about it.

Enjoy your week!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Favorites

  1. I now love Tuesdays because of these short, sweet weekly favorites…cuz you are one of MY favorites!

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