Art needs liberty- Liberty needs art.


I’ve been hearing a few things here and there about how the “liberty movement” needs more involvement in the arts.

Good thing I’m on it.

“We need more artists.”

“We need more music.”

“We need to infiltrate the art scene.”

“There’s not enough political art.”

I’ve heard that certain think tanks are trying to reach out to artists of all kinds and incorporate more visual arts into their messaging.

Good move, think tanks.

WordTransfuser is at your service.

To effectively express a complex idea visually, is hard. I understand. Which is probably part of the reason why there isn’t more “libertarian” art. And also partly why when you search “libertarian art” on Google images the only pictures that show up are… memes.

This is unacceptable.

Calling all artists (poets, musicians, visual artists, graphic designers, writers)! Submit your work to me, and I shall shine the light you wish to see. Add one more person to your liberty-loving artistic network.

Thank you.

*Comment below if interested


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