Weekly Favorites!

Hello, hello! Weekly favorites are here! Well, it’s still October so…

1. Haunted Houses

Specifically, this one:


header_logoTwas’ pretty damn scary. While you’re waiting in line they have creepy people walking around staring at you and getting in your face. For some reason they loved my sister and kept bothering her (good for me…).

I screamed… a lot. And was clutching on to my sister and my boyfriend. It was awesome.

2. More scary movies! This time, the movie, Rec


Ugghhhh just looking at that picture gives me the willies!!!

So, this movie was made in the mid- 2000’s in Spain. Yes, there are subtitles but reading doesn’t distract from the amazingness of the film. It’s about a reporter and her cameraman who get caught up in a strange and frightening situation. It’s all from the perspective of the TV camera, which adds a little layer of scary.

I highly recommend it! (But you have to watch it at night with the lights off…)

3. John Stossel


Why? Duhhhhhhhh cuz’ he’s AWESOME.

I do have a little crush on him… Shhhh. No, but really, he’s a liberal-turned-libertarian newscaster! He’s one of the only mainstream and well-known faces in the news who is a libertarian and who talks about all things libertarian.

His shows are always informative and the way he puts everything together is always demonstrative and usually sarcastically funny.

Love him. (Not just this week).

4. Rob Zombie


Does it make me a 90’s-loving, industrial-rock-weirdo because I love Rob Zombie? Probably… but, I don’t care!

The music of Rob Zombie (And White Zombie to some extent) seriously pumps me up and gives me a feeling like no other music can (NIN comes close, but different). I could be feeling kind of melancholy, but put on some Rob Zombie and holy hell! I’ll be rioting the streets, running marathons, painting masterpieces, etc.

Thanks, Rob.


5. Margherita Pizza

This is kind of a lame one, but you guys, margherita pizza is SO GOOD.


Mmmmmm ohmahgod look how good that looks. Basil- one of my favorite herbs- and fresh tomatoes- one of my favorite vegetables. So delish.

I might go eat some right now actually…

Enjoy your week!


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