Weekly Favorites

Well, it’s October- one of my favorite months, because… I love:

1. All things pumpkin


I recently went to the grocery store and, in one trip, bought- pumpkin butter, mix for pumpkin bread, pureed pumpkin, a pumpkin tea light holder, and a pumpkin-scented candle. Did I mention that I LOVE PUMPKINS?

400PumpkinButter1Second thing I love about October is:

2. Fall -scented candles

Some of you may be wondering, what in the hell is a fall-scented candle? The fall scents encompass anything from pumpkin (duh), apple spice, sugar cookie, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. And they make your house smell soooo delicious.

013-15002My 3rd favorite thing about October is:

3. Watching scary movies at night (with only candles burning… fall candles)

The most recent scary movie I watched was “Dark Skies”. It’s about a family whose lives are tormented by creatures “not from this planet”.


Um… this movie is TERRIFYING. It might be because I have an odd fear of aliens (seriously, one of the only things that really scares me), or maybe because it’s JUST F’ING SCARY.


A lot of people on IMDB didn’t like it, and I see where they’re coming from with the critiques. I would recommend watching it, but I wouldn’t expect an outstanding accomplishment in horror movie history.

Ok, moving on from why I love fall so much. I also just love this guy:

4. Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald is a journalist, currently working for The Guardian. He is the journalist who helped Edward Snowden to release the NSA spy program.

You have to watch this video- He OWNS.

Definitely my new favorite journalist.

And finally,

5. Iron & Wine

I saw Iron & Wine for the first time last Friday, and I was blown away. I love his music so much more now. He had an 8-piece band with him and 3 backup singers, and he never once took a break! It was amazing!


Here’s one of my new favorite Iron & Wine songs:

Have a nice week!


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