Government #ShutDown- A Poem for You


The government shut down today,

But who will wash my cares away?

Perhaps I’ll visit Yellowstone another day,

For today, the government’s gone astray.

This morning I was surprised to see

The roads not washed away to sea.

Do you think today is tax-free?

WRONG- The IRS is working hard for thee.

They just won’t give you the third degree,

Or serve the information tree.

Who will inspect our wheat?

Is it even safe to still eat meat?

America’s been beat,

We’re doomed to live in the streets…

Oh, your income grew?

No new house for you!

Congress is reading the government’s “How-to”

You’re staring at your faded “peace sign” tattoo.

I’ve heard we’ll still have science…

Without the government’s guidance.

But I’m not really buyin’ it.

A kite won’t work without the government flyin’ it.

The army will still protect us,

Phew, that’s always a plus!

The government’s leaking it’s pus,

Into the tank of your school bus

What will we do without government elves,

stocking the shelves with mirrors of yourselves.

Oh goodness- workers will fall, hurt themselves.

Osha’s on vacation, they’re off the shelves!

What will we do without the government?

Stand, glazed-over in wonderment?

No, we’ll follow the scent,

To privatization, and a society based on consent.


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