Weekly Favorites

It’s that time again… Time for my weekly favorites. I just went on a little weekend road trip, so you may notice a theme to my favorites this week. Because my trip was AWESOME.


1. Spelunking

4141343Yes, I descended into this cave. For 5 HOURS. No paths, no lights (except headlamps), no “safety features”, no knee pads, no water, no food.

The sensation of being underground in complete darkness, walking on unsteady and extremely muddy rocks, sometimes with deep rivers right next you is an entirely new, disorienting, frightening, and awesome experience.

It was the most insane experience of my life. I did things like this:


And this:

This kid is smiling, but inside he’s thinking why in the hell did I agree to do this and why in the hell are you making us stop and take a picture while we’re army-crawling through a rock tunnel?


Really though, it was insanely awesome and I had extreme anxiety the entire time. I’m 50% in love with spelunking and 50% abhorrent.

It kind of looked like this:


But this picture makes it look brighter than it really is.

Moving on.

2. Kentucky

South-Central Kentucky is a karst region, which means there are most likely lots of caves in the area. And there are. Kentucky features the longest cave system in the entire world, Mammoth Cave. It’s 400 miles long (explored). Besides the awesome caves, it’s beautiful!

The elk landscape 2There are so many things to do and explore there, we just didn’t have time to touch the possibilities. But, one thing we did that was extremely awesome was this:

3. Falls of the Ohio State Park

aerial2Those things that look like sandbars are exposed fossil beds. It’s covered with marine fossils. They extend the width of the Ohio River, which as you can see, is pretty huge. You can walk out onto the beds, so you’re literally walking on fossils.

Here are some pictures I took of the fossils beneath my feet (different types of corals):

IMG_2355 IMG_2359 IMG_2346

Pretty awesome! You can’t take any of the fossils, but their website did recommend a couple of places to go and hunt. And a-hunting we did go.

For the music pick of the week,

4. Sharon Van Etten

And finally, a little delicious snack.

5. Merkts cheese


Mmmm so delicious.

Bye bye!


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