Weekly Favorites

1. Laurie Lipton Art

Laurie’s art is dark, gruesome, discomforting, and intensely meaningful. Her technique is intricate and detailed. She is definitely my new favorite artist. Here are some of my favorite Laurie Lipton drawings:

laurie-lipton-delusion-dwellers“Delusion Dwellers”

laurie-lipton_289 dead factory

“The Dead Factory”

drawing by Laurie Lipton


2. Trivial Pursuit


Yes, I’m a nerd. My boyfriend and I play trivial pursuit for fun. He’s also a nerd.

But let me tell you that I learn the weirdest things from this game- and it’s super hard. I not only love the game, but on the original game board, the images are so weird and cool! Like this:

Photo Sep 10, 8 55 10 AM3. Twin Shadow- Shooting Holes

4. Cracked.com

This website holds one of my favorite humorous, yet inspirational articles ever- 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person.

Cracked takes serious things and presents them in funny and entertaining ways, kind of like BuzzFeed but they cover much more. You can read about any weird thing happening in the world, politics, movies, music, history, and more! I love it!

And, last but not least- my favorite breakfast ever:

5. Greek yogurt with banana, almonds, and a little brown sugar.


Soooooo delicious and healthy! I’ve been eating that everyday all weeklong. Yumz.


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