Weekly Favorites

1. The Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, IL


But, the dinosaurs aren’t the reason I love this museum. I love it because they have an awesome display of locally-found fossils, including cephalopods, trilobites, brachiopods, tully monsters (Illinois’ state fossil), and all kinds of plants, and ancient fish. It’s AWESOME. Also, I learned that in these giant chunks of sea floor, you can find tiny trilobites…

Photo Sep 01, 2 05 29 PMAnd, yes, I have in my possession chunks of sea floor, that I broke out of a rock cut on the side of the road.

Moving on…

2. Kettle Bells


And that’s how I feel after I’ve worked out with my kettle bell. I’ve been doing it for weeks now and I feel great! Every exercise works your entire body, including your core, so the workouts are intense but takes less time. Plus, I feel cool working out with a kettle bell.

3. Parks and Recreation

Um, I love this show. And not just this week.


Just one of the many hilarious scenes… I love all the characters, but of course, Ron Swanson is one of the best, and possibly one of the best comedic characters EVER. Especially because our views about government align so perfectly!

W2RGmSg Ron Swanson Pyramid Of Greatness

Hahahahaha…ahh haha.. ha. “Swanson Pyramid of Greatness”, enough said.

4. Radiohead’s “Pablo Honey”


Seriously, this album rocks. I like Radiohead. I think they’re a good band and they make interesting and esthetically pleasing music. But, as you can tell, I’m not brimming with enthusiasm about it.

Until… Pablo Honey. Why? Why haven’t I listened to this album before now? What avaricious soul has been hiding this from me?!

It’s pure gold. Go listen to it. Now.

*P.S. I just realized that the last 3 “weekly favorites” included music from the 90’s… you may be wondering why. Because the 90’s was an explosion of amazing music.


5. Coconut Water


Mmmmm uhhhhhh look how refreshing that looks. Ohhmahgod.


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