Slate Statist is the Greatest

Group of students wearing uniforms

You’re a bad person, she says…

Sendin’ your kid into the private school biz.

You’re ruining education!

For all that live in the nation!

How dare you seek the best,

You naughty little pest!

Just be dumb for now,

And later things will be better, I don’t know how.

So, money is the answer?

Well, can you buy off cancer?

Oh, we can change the public schools?

Darling, the government is made of fools!

Private schooling is treason!

You’ve not one compelling reason!

Damn you for choosing a religion,

Have you ever watched a pigeon?

Your child has a learning issue?

Wah wah, here’s a tissue…

Gifted children, those who excel?

They’ll succeed in a prison cell!

You know what all children need,

What they need to succeed.

Send your kid to crappy public school!

Don’t be alarmed, it’s good when they drool.

Ah! You admit your ignorance!

You expect us not to notice your belligerence?

We see how your public education suited you…

Brainwashed, you have no clue.

Just leave the debate alone,

Go eat a scone.


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