Weekly Favorites

1. Lake Michigan Beaches in Chicago


I grew up in the Chicagoland area and have lived here for most of my life. This weekend was the first time I’ve EVER been to a Lake Michigan Beach. What the “H” is right!

The water is clear, it smells good, the sand is nice, and the view is beautiful! There are a lot of people, but honestly it wasn’t that bad- and I’m not a fan of big crowds at all.

2. Twitter


Today, I reached 400 followers on Twitter. A month ago, I was at 300. This is huge.

I love Twitter, and here’s why:

  • It’s an endless stream of information for information junkies like me
  • Most of the people I follow are politics related, and my feed is FILLED WITH POLITICS. You don’t know how happy that makes me.
  • It’s a quick and instant way to reach a ton of people with information
  • I feel special when people retweet me or favorite my tweet
  • It’s good for businesses
  • It’s a great tool for events with speakers and Q & A sessions.
  • If you want to look at what people are saying about a certain topic like #Pirates or #Chiraq you can at the click of a button.

Ok, you get it. I love Twitter. And you should too.

3. Blick Art Materials

562673_10151491069457121_678519773_nThis is the greatest art store in the world. It has two full floors filled with art supplies like canvases, different kinds of paper, walls and walls of paints, brushes, pencils, pastels, oils, etc etc. TWO FLOORS.

If you are an artist or are crafty, you must go.

4. Almonds


Besides being extremely healthy, almonds are amazingly delicious. The health benefits and the delectableness are not why I love them so much, those are only part of the reason. I love them so much because…

If I eat a handful of almonds in the morning, I am sufficiently energized and satiated until lunch time, around noon. They don’t make me jittery, they don’t make my stomach hurt, they don’t make me crash, I feel good, I feel energized and I’m not hungry until early afternoon. It’s amazing. So, go eat some almonds!

5. Elbow (the band)

All of their music, but in particular, this album:


And in particular, this song:

That is all.


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