Weekly Favorites

1. Temple of the Dog- Hunger Strike

So 90’s, so wonderful. Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell. Yes.

2. Fossils- I hunted and found thing like this:

008 Cephalopod

Hunting for 4 hours, chiseling at rock, getting dirty, and finding creatures that are 500 million years old? Um, yeah.

3. National Gallery of Art- Washington, D.C.

I recently visited the Gallery; they own the highest number of Degas sculptures in the world. After he died, they found a bunch of sculptures he had never released.

4. Yoga


I did Power Yoga last night, and it is AWESOME.

And finally, for this week:

5. Cucumbers


They are so delicious. I put them in water, eat with tuna salad, olives, feta cheese, or plain! Mmmmmmmm


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