My Darling


I told her to watch her step.

She danced so recklessly

To the melody of shadows.

One wrong step, and there she goes

Down into the hole that she chose.

Her comforting darkness.

A warm emptiness.

She shouts to me, I am lost!

My heart is encased in frost.

Help me up, she says.

But our hands never crossed.

Darling, you mustn’t be afraid.

Darling, don’t let your spirit fade.

She is wandering alongside chaotic isolation.

Lost in the myriad.

She finds consolation in its warmth.

I tell her to look upward, towards the sunlight.

Then, she will be all right.

But she says it hurts her eyes.

Sweetheart, let your eyes adjust.

The sun is friendly and warm up here,

On the earth’s crust.

She imprisons her energy.

She says her fears have got her beat.

Like shackles at her feet.

Holds her down like concrete.

Honey, you must break free.

Please, if you can, just trust me.

She finds complacency within her vacancy.

And she names her home, Apathy.

But she tells me,

She would rather be intimate with blankness

Then be confronted with the nameless.

My love, can’t you see how beautiful you are?

You hide yourself and push too far.

My love, please be brave,

Come out of your cave.


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