Life Vomit


Put yourself through turmoil

Enjoy it.

Release and uncoil


Success or failure-

This is Life.

So, don’t forget it.

I want to vomit my insides,

All over a canvas,

And call it art.

That is freedom.

Taking risks,

And just enjoying it.

I want to run,

Until my legs collapse.

Call myself outdone.

Be my own hero.

Conquered and rebirthed.

I want to write,

Until my fingertips bleed,

I’ll write through the stains.

Lose my mind, but reunite.

Shake hands,

And say goodnight.

I want to rip apart my rib cage,

Tear off my skin,

Show the world my humanity.

Underneath, I have no age.

Bones, blood,

And vital organs.

We are human, damnit!

Meant to live!

To Prosper!

I want to create.

Something grand,

And put my name on it.

No person or government shall negate.

And trust me, they’ll try to sedate.

I’ll show the world it can be done-

I’ll show them Happiness.


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