As Long as You Obey


I hear and I see,
Lies performed as truths. 
It’s time to be smarter than before,
I say, we must be sleuths.
Presumptuous voices scream from pedestals,
“We want a government, like Robin Hood!”
An iron fist to steal from the rich,
In the name of the common good.

But not a peep is touted,
When they realize it’s done at the point of a gun.
Until it’s their turn to give,
And there’s nowhere to run.

This grand illusion, performed so nobly.
Its purpose to delude our minds,
Into believing that we own what we earn.
Yet, Robin Hood steals whatever he finds.

Should I be afraid,
To speak out against the machine,
When the first amendment
 Dresses up on Halloween?

A box made of cardboard.
It holds the regulations, the defections,
The breaches of our freedoms.
And it’s neatly wrapped in the paper named protections.

They tell us that we’re free
And we believe away.
But we forget the silent phrase that follows,
“As long as you obey.”


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