The Fog

The haze

Cold, wet, indefinite, uncomfortable.

Engulfed in whiteness, you are lost.

Visibility low, the eyes deceive.

Attempts to light the way make it harder to navigate,

The reflection of this light is blinding.

Confusion fills the mind.

Nothing is clear,

You ask yourself, “What am I doing here?”

“What am I doing here!?!”

You try hard to find something familiar to hold on to,

But the fog makes even the most familiar seem foreign.

You try different types of light, but the fog only appears brighter and impenetrable.

You see shadows that resemble familiar objects.

They project as beams, thus are indiscernible.

You give up.

You are lost.

You concede into the obscurity.

You accept the indefinite.

Coldness surrounds.

Drenched in the rain.

You are confused.


As you lay, staring into the whiteness, a strange warmth encircles you.

The fog begins to lift, the shadows become clearer, the light becomes visible.

As you make your way through the paths of warmth and clarity,

A light is shone upon the world.

It is a clear, crisp, warm and comforting light.

Shadows are now understandable and objects are real.

Your surroundings are clear,

And at once you realize where you are and where you need to go.

Joy fills your heart.

You are comforted.

You are warm.

Apathy fades.

Beauty is recognized.

The initial light fades, the fog lifts.

As you make your way, and navigate throughout with a new understanding;

A new confidence in the order of the world.

You are happy.

You are warm.

You are comfortable.

You are home.


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