The Time is Now (A Speech)


Take off your blindfolds America, because the time is now.

During our lifetime we have watched idly as our freedoms and liberties have slowly been deluded.

We slouch in apathy while our liberties are destroyed right before our eyes.

People of America: the insatiable stomach of government has gobbled up our individual rights, picking them from our pockets with an invisible hand.

Government has silently and slowly mucked the waters of freedom, to the point where the bottom is no longer visible.

It has happened in plain daylight, yet it goes unnoticed, and we actually believe in it. For evil never presents himself as evil, but hides behind his aliases.

Do not be fooled, my friends, by a calm and even tone of voice. Do not allow charisma to shine his light in your eyes when he says,

“Hello, my name is Protection.” or

“First name Common, last name Good.” or

“I prefer to be called Human Welfare.” Or even,

“Some people call me Safety of the People.”

The time is now, my fellow countrymen. It’s time to strip away his façade, and see him for his true nature and by his true name: Evil.

There was a time when Americans had faith in their government. When we Americans could call it our government, when Lincoln’s words “Of the people, by the people, for the people” rang true.

Perhaps it is this faith that has led us to the place we are now, but nevertheless we can no longer call our government a government of the people.

It is time, America, to use our minds. It is time to use our natural tool of survival and become wise to the workings of tyranny.

There is no place like America on the face of the earth. We are unique in our convictions; of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL men.

Therefore, my friends, the time is now.

It is time to embrace those convictions with unwavering confidence that we are an exceptional nation of freedom, of individual liberty, and of prosperity.

It is time to defend our lives, and the lives of our brothers and sisters against the ever-approaching state of despotism.

Don’t be fooled, for despotism hides behind a flowery mask. It shrieks from its pedestal the need for progress, it speaks of good will for all, and social justice!

We must be smart, America. We must use our senses and smell beyond the flowery fragrance that covers up its odor of rot.

We must not give up on life. We must not give up on life as our highest value. We must fight.

But, we must fight with our minds, as our only tool for battle, for we will not stoop to the level of our government. We will not use brute force, nor coerce our fellow man by the barrel of a gun.

Your mind is your greatest weapon, greater than any gangster with a handgun.

Furthermore, an army of minds is still greater, and more powerful than any army bearing guns, tanks, and bombs.

It is time for us to use our weapons and to fight for our freedom to live, to work, and to love however we see fit. This is the American dream; to live in liberty and pursue our own happiness, without infringing upon our neighbor’s own pursuit.

My friends, that is the American dream, and the time has come, yet again, to fight.


6 thoughts on “The Time is Now (A Speech)

  1. Through the subjectivity and attraction of your words, I am able to sense the objective prose of life. Join the revolution.

    Your humble philosopher F A Hayek.

  2. ‘People of America: the insatiable stomach of government has gobbled up our individual rights, picking them from our pockets with an invisible hand’ Its ironic because of the opposition of this hand to the invisible hand of the free market explained by Smith. He is turning around in his grave.

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