I’ll say it once, and once for all.


The opportunity to express oneself fully is not one that comes along frequently or without effort. One must venture out into the world in order to find the outlet that suits the purpose in question.

That is why I have taken it upon myself to create my own avenue in pursuit of expression, self-actualization and inspiration.

With this blog as my vessel, I shall exercise my freedom of speech, individual brilliance of mind, and the release of internal energy. Too often, the metaphysics of our culture has taught us to stifle our creativity and constrain our mental capacities, leaving us feeling minuscule like meaningless little crumbs.

But, we are the movers of the world. As individuals, we possess the capacity for conscious choice and the ability to progress and to channel our brilliance towards something meaningful. I openly recognize the endless capabilities of human beings and I intend to consummate my potential in order to reach a state of actualization.

This blog is not a place of repression; it is a venue in which I am free to express my inner energies.

My aim is to create a nucleus of inspiration to provoke thought, creativity, and insight. To provide a hub for real people with real ideas who are in pursuit of objective truth, liberty, art, music, poetry, philosophy and life itself.

We shall not be prisoners of our own minds or of our environments.

The world is ours.


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